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Baoji LongSheng Nonferrous Metal CO., LTD. The company located in China’s titanium city - baoji, shaanxi province. It`s the earliest domestic chlor-alkali industry in the production of various types of metal anode, repair all kinds of titanium equipment of professional manufacturers. Our company for many years engaged in electrode research and development, It has the rich experience and technology.Titanium anode is a mature technology,It is our company development of earlier products since 1980s.At present, the company of the titanium electrode and other metal electrode has been successfully applied in chlor-alkali, .......<+more>
   Baoji Longsheng Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd.   

Tel No. (86-917)3905959
Fax No. (86-917)3902559
Email bjlongshengtaiye@163.com
Address No. 17 Yongqing Industrial Park, High-tech Zone, Baoji city, Shaanxi Province, China

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